Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts - Packaged versus Frozen

Crust-to-Crust Competition

Look at that crust! I mean really look at that crust. No. Really. Really look at it.

That crust is one of our contenders in this Crust-to-Crust Competition.

Thick, doughy crust. Thin, crunchy crust.

Vacuum sealed and boxed. Frozen and bagged.

Schär versus Udi's.

European versus American.

Which will outperform? Which will win your heart?

Let the Games begin!

So what if I've been watching a bit (too much) of the Winter Olympics? Competition is a good thing!

Schär Pizza Crusts - Gluten-Free

First up… our European contender, showing its strength in the standard shelving category.

These are packaged in a vacuum-sealed pack, and boxed in pairs. They are available on the regular grocery shelves. No refrigeration. No freezer. This might be an indicator of a good shelf life. But I don't know. I didn't wait long enough to find out.

The packaging doesn't actually indicate whether these are thin crusts or thick crusts or something else entirely. It is funny how gluten-free labeling often lacks complete information. Once it is labeled gluten-free, all other labeling is superfluous? Well, actually, now that you mention it... almost.

But not quite. I still want to know if it is a thick or thin crust.  I might have a preference. Judging by the photo on the box, this falls (barely) in my own thick crust category. Thicker than thin.

It browned up nicely when I baked it on a pizza stone. The crust was just crunchy on the outside, soft and slightly chewy on the inside.

Coming in a bit on the small size, I would rate this definitely in the personal-pizza category.

This might just be the gluten-free, ready-made pizza crust for you.

Udi's Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts - Frozen

Next up is our American contender, showing its strength in the frozen category.

This is found in the grocer's freezer, along with other frozen bread products. There are two crusts in a single bag, but they are separated by a sheet of parchment paper. This is good, since we wouldn't want them frozen together, which they weren't.

And it fills the plate nicely.

And it is definitely well-entrenched in the thin crust category.

I baked this one on the very same pizza stone as its competitor. It browned up nicely, getting very nicely crispy at the edge, less so towards the middle.

Thin and crispy!

Not chewy. Crispy and tear-friendly in the middle. But in a good way. It did not fall apart, but was tear-able. As in, you can tear it.

Not tears. No. Far too good for tears. Unless they are tears of joy! Thin, crispy, tearable tears of joy!

Both of these crusts are good. Both of these crusts are tasty. Both of these crusts are contenders.

Which will you choose? Thick or thin? Crispy or chewy?

It is your choice. You can be the judge. How will you score them?

I can't ignore the Olympics here. I have to say that if the Winter Olympics had a flying disc event, Schär would win. Easily. The Schär crusts are so tempting to fling across the kitchen!

Just the right size. Just the right hand-feel. Just so ready to sail through the air!

Why isn't there a winter disc golf event???

Rest assured that neither of these crusts qualify as curling rocks. They are too good for that!

In any case, get yourself some gluten-free, ready-made pizza crust to enjoy when the rest of your household is enjoying their own ready-made pizza crust. And you have choices! Pick you favorite, or try both.

Crusts for all tastes! That's what these gluten-free Olympics are all about!

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