Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gone Girl

Book Review

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

This is a relatively new release that I kept stumbling upon.

On the library website. On the library shelf. On the library's large print shelf. In the Bookmarks magazine.

I could ignore it no longer.

And it is in large print!

I quickly put it on the treadmill and read it there. Twice.

And then I had to read it in the evening, not on the treadmill. And I left it on the coffee table. And I picked up more in the evening.

Darn! I've resorted to reading large print on the sofa! Say it ain't so! Say it ain't so!

Well, I admit it, but I also stand by my lack of need for large print on the sofa. Now, I just need something new for the treadmill.

All that sofa reading? That just means this book kept me reading more than if I had left it for the treadmill alone.

Does that mean I liked it? Well... let's examine that notion....

Gone Girl