Monday, March 19, 2012


Book Review

Bossypants by Tina Fey

I saw this book come up on the New Arrivals list at the library. And then I heard about it on the radio. And then I saw mention of it online.

Everywhere I looked, I saw mention of this book. I saw quotes expressing how funny it is. I saw excerpts that described the nature of this book.

I didn't really pay much attention to all of this. But after awhile, with so many mentions and quotes and descriptions, I started to wonder what I was missing.

I had to find out.


I had to request the book, and since it was available in large print, I requested that version.

I still had to wait.

But when it came in, I got right into it. It is an easy, fun read. Tina Fey's humor comes through from beginning to end.

Unfortunately, I didn't come right out and laugh out loud.

Not once.

I thought things were funny, but only in my head. I never had a burst of laughter explode out of me.

I didn't even chuckle out loud.

Not a huff.

And I could have. I was reading this on the treadmill, when no one else is around, and I have the room to myself. No possibility of exhibiting restraint. Not here.

Her insights into improvization were the most absorbing part of the book. I could see how some of the same principles apply in my own workplace, which is not even close to improv. Quite the opposite. My workplace is ruled by science. Cold, calculating, logical science.

Maybe I would have gotten a bigger kick out of this if I had been a devoted and loyal Tina Fey follower. But I'm not.

She certainly had a different upbringing than I had, and that made for some interesting reading.

If you are a Fey follower, you might just love this book. For me, it was just another celebrity providing a glimpse into a celebrity life. Somewhat interesting and somewhat funny, but not much more than that.

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