Saturday, January 21, 2012

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cookie Mix - Chocolate Chip

Mixes Make Baking Easy

I've never really been a fan of boxed mixes. Cake mixes. Corn bread mixes. Cookie mixes.

I've always liked to make my baked goods from scratch. I am not saying I like the hassle of having to lug down seven different flours along with all the other ingredients, measure them each out, close them up, and then put them all away.

Don't even get me started about how much of those flours inadvertently ends up on my counters.

But I like knowing what goes into my baked goods, especially now that I have to be gluten-free. There is also something innately satisfying knowing that a delicious and beautiful creation was all your own doing.

Most of all, I like the results of baking from scratch. The flavor. It is always better from scratch.

But I do admit that mixes have their place. I know plenty of people who will never be inclined to have a dozen containers of different (some might say exotic) flours in their pantry. Some people want speed. Some people want efficiency. Some people want simplicity.

All of those things are fine.

But I came across another great reason for mixes while traveling over the holidays.

Gluten-free mixes are perfect for gluten-eating hosts who are trying to accommodate gluten-free guests.

This is just about the nicest gift a host can give to a guest. Thank you, Grandma!

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cookie Mix - Chocolate Chip

What is really great about Betty Crocker is that just about everyone has heard of the brand and it is widely available across the country. I don't know how widely available these gluten-free mixes are yet, but they are certainly getting out and about now. I even saw a TV commercial for these.

Accessibility is great. 

I love the idea of wholesome, organic foods from small companies who are keenly interested in providing the best and safest products possible. I've tried a few mixes from some of these small companies. And I like them. But finding them when I travel is next to impossible.

If Betty Crocker is likely to be available wherever I travel, then their mixes are worth investigating. Options are good. Options are a boon.

This cookie mix turned out to be very easy to mix. It was so easy, I didn't even have to mix it!

Actually, my newly-minted teenage daughter mixed them and baked them. 

Unfortunately, she now has a small tattoo of edge of the baking sheet on her arm as a result. And that was just the result of a crowded kitchen at the wrong time. 

How could I let her get a baking sheet tattoo? I wasn't in the kitchen doing the crowding. I wasn't in the same building when she started baking. I wasn't even on the same block when she started baking. I showed up after the first batch came out of the oven. 

Some call that perfect timing. Or not, if you aren't a fan of tattoos. Sorry, Babe!

Aside from all of that, she said that these were easy to make and bake. And I believed her.

They looked good. They smelled good. If they look good and smell good, they must be good. Right?

Yep! They were good!

They came out a little flatter than I would have expected. That could have been due to the ingredients in the dough or the temperature of the ingredients when mixed or the accuracy of the temperature of the oven or the temperature of the baking sheet or any number of other variables I wasn't present to witness.

The flavor overall was very good, as was the texture. I did find that these cookies were quite sweet. I don't know if all chocolate chip cookies are this sweet, but these were definitely on the sweet side.

And in spite of that, or because of that, I ate far too many of them!

I am a cookie monster. I love cookies. I can't resist cookies.

If you give me a gluten-free cookie, you are likely to have to give me another.

Gluten-eaters and gluten-free eaters will like these cookies. If you can find these mixes, give them a try. You might just have a gluten-free mix waiting for you right around the corner. And good, freshly baked, gluten-free cookies might be closer and easier than you think!

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