Sunday, November 27, 2011

Confessions over Sunsets


I confess: This post has nothing to do with gluten-free food or books. I just have something to confess. Some things to confess.

I balked when our daughter said she wanted to go shopping on Black Friday.

I hate the crowds. I hate the mall. I hate the craziness. I hate the idea of shopping on Black Friday.

So we went to the library and the park instead. Whew.

But then we ended up at the mall on Black Saturday. Is it called that? Well, I'm calling it that, starting now.

I confess I didn't want to go. I confess I pitched a mild, minor fit about it. I confess I dreaded the idea only a little bit less than going to the mall on Black Friday.

But the guys were busy and I had some shopping to do that could only be done at the mall and Dear Daughter wanted to go shopping.

And... in the end...

I confess:  It wasn't so bad.

We did our browsing, sniffing, walking, smelling, shopping, chatting, gawking, gagging, and groaning. Then it was time to leave.

We headed to the car, which just so happened to be westward.

Why do I know this?

Because this is what we saw:

That would be the results of the sun setting in the west.

Light Up the Sky

Have you ever noticed your sky? I guess I always have, but some places I've lived have had more exciting skies than other places. Day or night. Makes no difference. I check it out. All the time.

So, when I saw this, I had to take a picture. Or two. Or ten.

But we needed to get home and cook dinner, so we drove out of the mall parking lot after those few pictures.

And then the sky brightened! Significantly!

I rolled down my window and started taking pictures while driving. I confess.

There. I did it. I confessed.

Yes, I did that crazy, foolish thing. I just confessed, so now don't give me any more of a hard time about it. This is the result.

Now, wasn't that worth it?! I didn't get in an accident. I was careful. And I kept clicking. One handed.

I confess I was telling all the other drivers to hurry up and get out of my way so that I could get to a better spot to take more pictures. Dear Daughter was laughing at me and telling me to be careful and giggling and wowing and oohing and aahing.

As I continued to head home, we finally got to a small ridge with a clear view of the western horizon and where I could safely pull off to the side of the road.

I can't show you all the pictures I didn't take while driving to this safe stopping spot.




We sat about ten minutes on the side of the road, while I focused and snapped and zoomed and clicked. And we sang to the radio and oohed and ahhed some more.

This was so worth it! Every minute of it! Every lingering second of it.

And then my daughter told the truth.

"You have a thing for sunsets and sunrises."

Huh. I guess I do. I never quite realized it before. But something inside of me wanted to object. Dispute it. Deny it.

But I couldn't.

I confess. I have a thing for sunsets and sunrises.

Oh. And sun dogs. Some fantastic examples of which I wasn't able to capture on Black Friday at the park, since I had not picked up my camera on the way out the door.

Silly me.

Always, always take the camera.

I confess I don't always remember.

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