Saturday, January 18, 2014

Giddy Up & Go Granola - Notoriously Nutty

Gluten-Free Granola Challenge

I was back visiting in the House of Granola and needed to buy an appropriate snack. While in the House of Granola, one must have granola at hand.

Gluten-free granola for me, that is.

A previous purchase of gluten-free granola left much to be desired.

So the challenge is on. The challenge is to find a suitable gluten-free granola that truly passes as granola. And is tasty.

So I went shopping. And I found this. 

I should have read the package more carefully. Or maybe it is better that I didn't. If I had, I might have been scared off by the name.  

I don't do "giddy up" anything.

I am not a fan of western talk. Or western wear. Or western ware. Or country/western music. 

Never mind that I am from the west. And proud of it.

And I ride horses. Or I used to, back in the day. For hours at a time across BLM land. Through hills like these.

In western saddles.

I'm just not western. 

I'm not even remotely into "western" anything. Despite desperately missing the west.

Please make a note of the difference; west versus western. I am from the west, but I am most definitely not western

I'm sure glad we cleared that up.

If I had read "giddy up" while still standing in that grocery aisle, I might have put this back.

Giddy Up & Go Granola - Notoriously Nutty

I was solely focused on looking for "gluten free" on that packaging.

Once I had determined that it was gluten-free, I stopped reading. Continuing to read may have prevented me from finding a tasty, not too sweet, granola. That is, if I had read that part of the label more closely. But I didn't.

Yes, brand names, glossy graphics, fancy logos, and pretty pictures are lost on me. I am solely focused on finding the words "gluten free" on packaging.

This granola is gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free. Not that I care about those last two, but somebody might.

This granola is soft throughout, even right when I opened the bag. Not crunchy. But it is fresh. And very chewy. It is not too sweet, and most of what sweetness there is comes from the raisins.

All good. Almost.

And it is filling, as you would expect from a granola. This is probably why it got labeled with "giddy up & go". I could imagine taking some of this for those hours-long rides through the hills. I went on long rides, but I didn't "giddy up". Just a click from the side of the mouth is plenty effective. Save "giddy up" for the cheesy movies. They could have called it "Click & Go". Okay, maybe not.

I just wish this gluten-free granola was crunchy. It is not. It is soft and very chewy. Quite a work out for the jaw.

Good thing it is quite tasty.

This gluten-free granola almost satisfies the challenge. Almost, but not quite. I'm still looking.

Maybe I need a horse and some hills to properly test candidates for this challenge. That's it. A chestnut mare, some hills and many hours.  Sounds like a plan.

All without actually being western.

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