Thursday, July 11, 2013

Schär Gluten-Free Honeygrams

Camping and S'mores

What could be more perfect together than camping and s'mores?

How about camping and gluten-free s'mores?

That's right!

But would you believe that I didn't like s'mores until several years ago? That's right. I did not like s'mores. I hadn't found the secret yet. 

We were on a several-day camping trip with friends. Somehow, we had all forgotten to pack the necessary ingredients for s'mores. 

My husband disappeared to the nearest store for some other forgotten vital, but returned with the secret to s'mores. I would have never guessed the solution to my dislike of s'mores if I hadn't tasted it first. 

Dark chocolate. None of that soft, goopy, milk chocolate. Dark chocolate.

See, that milk chocolate that I had always had before was combined with the super sweetness of the marshmallow and graham crackers. Just too sweet. I just didn't like that super, sickeningly sweet s'more.

No s'more for me.

Then, darkness arrived. The darkness of dark chocolate.

That was it. That was all it took for me to suddenly see the s'mores light. Or darkness. Or whatever.

Now I understood. 

Going camping? You'll want some of these gluten-free graham-style crackers to go with your dark chocolate and marshmallows!

Schär Gluten-Free Honeygrams

These are tasty. Very tasty. Quite nice.

Okay, I'll be honest. They aren't quite as tasty as my homebaked ones, but they are very good. 

Besides, we are talking about camping. Who has an oven available while camping? Who actually has time to do a bunch of baking in the middle of packing before a camping trip???

Nobody. That's why these exist. Because everyone should be able to enjoy s'mores while camping! Without the baking before you leave!

These are considerably thicker that the standard, glutenated, national brand. But they taste just like you would want them to and they are crispy just the way you expect them to be. 

By the way, do you realize that they package dark chocolate in thicker bars than they do milk chocolate? Check it out.

That just means more deliciousness in your s'mores, but it also means it takes a bit more to get that deliciousness melted. 

And on our most recent camping trip, I learned just how to handle that extra thickness of deliciousness. 

I placed one gluten-free honeygram cracker in the bottom of our small camping sauce pan. Then I placed a square of dark chocolate on the cracker. 

As I rotated my marshmallow on my skewer over the fire with one hand, I held the sauce pan near the hot coals with my other hand. This warmed and softened the cracker and dark chocolate perfectly. 

Perfectly ready to receive my toasted marshmallow! Just slap another gluten-free honeygram on top and...

Ahhhhh.... Now that is perfection!

Go ahead! Your turn. Three simple ingredients.

Just be sure they are the right three ingredients.

Welcome to the Dark Side!

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