Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Shortbread Cookie Mix

Baking Up Some Friendly Love

My daughter was invited to a friend's house for a (post-)Valentine's Day party. Not so much a "party" per se, but a get together for a handful of teenage girls to giggle and eat and giggle and giggle some more.

She wanted to bring something. Or was asked to bring something. Or was supposed to bring something. Whatever. She needed to bring some sort of yummy food item that all the girls would love.

Well, who wouldn't love some little hearts at a Valentine's Day party?

Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Shortbread Cookie Mix

I had been meaning to make up this mix that my husband bought for me, but I just hadn't gotten to it. So, when my daughter asked if she could make it up to take to the party, I agreed that these would be a great thing to take and share.

Even if none of those girls need to be gluten-free. Not one.

But there was one condition.

She had to share them with me! She whole-heartedly agreed.


I trusted that this would be a good mix and would produce something delicious. We were not disappointed.

My daughter mixed the dough according to the directions with no assistance from me. This led to cold chunks of butter clanking around in my mixer, but so be it.

Then she got busy.

She rolled and cut and rolled and cut and rolled and cut.

I think she ended up with two full pans like this and a partially filled third pan. Beautiful, eh?!

Yes, she does have some OCD tendencies. I can't imagine where she might have gotten those.

Here they are after baking.

Still beautiful, but now you can really see that all that rolling produced cookies of different thickness.

If you need me to spell it out for you, I will: The browner cookies are thinner and cooked quicker. The lighter cookies are thicker and didn't have a chance to get brown.

Still very nice.

As taste? You want to know about how these taste?

Fabulous! These are shortbread cookies for sure. The texture is a bit grainy and almost gritty, but not in a bad way. A bit crumbly, as shortbread usually is. And buttery.

They wouldn't be shortbread cookies if they weren't buttery!

These are nice, rich, buttery, tasty shortbread cookies!

And who wouldn't love some of these little hearts? The girls all loved these! My daughter didn't tell them they were gluten-free until after they ate them. They were surprised!

That there is the best endorsement for a gluten-free product.  Thanks, Bob's Red Mill!

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