Monday, May 21, 2012

Gluten-Free Pizza - Take Two!

Friday Night, Pizza Night

We've never had a tradition of having a particular dinner the same night of the week, every week.

Like Friday nights being Pizza Night.

We've never done that.

But apparently lots of other families do. Like our next door neighbors.

Well, now the kids are asking for it. Asking to do the same.

Of course, for us, pizza isn't as simple as just ordering some for home delivery. I don't know of a place close enough to us that makes gluten-free pizza that will deliver to us.

So, we have to make our own.

And I'm not really sad about that.

I like making fresh pizza. It just takes some planning and a bit of time. Sometimes we have have both planning and time. Lots of times, we don't.

But since the kids were asking, we made plans. Not for every Friday night, but some Friday nights.

And this time, I had a pizza crust recipe waiting to be tried. I'd been wanting to try this new pizza crust for some time, but was really liking the first true gluten-free pizza crust that I fell in love with.

I was still smitten.

I wanted to try a new recipe, but was a bit hesitant. What if it didn't turn out as good as Ol' Trusty Gluten-Free Pizza Crust?

We'll never know if there is something better unless we try something new.

And the time had come.

Pizza with Gluten-Free Crust #2

I've been looking at the Gluten Free Girl and the Chef's cookbook recipe for gluten-free crackers for some time. I've been wanting to try it. I'd like to try making my own gluten-free crackers.

But more importantly, they say this same recipe makes great pizza crust. And I've been waiting to try it!

Now, finally, I get to do so.

I use a pizza stone a lot like this one.

It has handles, which are extremely important for not dropping the stone or sticking your oven mitt into that gluten-free pizza crust.

So this is how we do it....

We just followed the recipe for the crackers. I just didn't know if I should be prebaking the crust before adding the pizza toppings. It didn't say.

I decided to just try it with raw dough. And it worked.

and then we did another one....

And it was good.

This crust turned out good and quite comparable to my previous favorite crust. I liked it enough to want to make it again.

But next time I make this crust, I think I will try prebaking it to see if it gets crispier through the middle. Since I had divided this batch into two pizzas, next time I might also try dividing it into three crusts. That will definitely make it thinner and likely make it crispier too.

If you have this cookbook, you should definitely give this a try!

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