Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mom's Cancer

Book Review

Mom's Cancer by Brian Fies

Okay, so this isn't really a graphic novel, per se, but I did happen to find it in with the graphic novels, in that section of the library. It's really more than a comic strip. This comic-strip-plus-some is heavy.

Heavy duty.

Not for kids.

Not for anyone looking for a light-hearted chuckle.

So, how did I come across a heavy-duty comic strip?

I was browsing the graphic novel section of the library, looking to see how many classics were available that particular day. Classics in graphic novel form. I was surprised.

There were lots!

But I didn't need to get any right away. I still had plenty to read at home. But I was taking a mental inventory.

And then I saw this.

"Mom's Cancer." In comic strip form.

That's out of character. A comic strip about cancer?

I was curious. And we were going to stay at the library until our daughter finished the craft class she was taking. There was no telling how long we might have to stay.

So I picked it up and started reading.

Mom's Cancer

This is a very well done book. The story is brief, but with enough information to convey the details. The artwork is excellent and is what I think of as classic comic strip style. It was easy to read and follow. The graphics were appropriate and were a new and insightful way to depict the trials and tribulations of cancer.

I liked this book. But I found the topic difficult. It touched a nerve. Several nerves.

Luckily for me, I didn't start crying in the middle of the library. But it was close.

And I finished reading it before our daughter was done with her class. A quick read. But a heavy read.

I'm not sure who the best audience is for this. Not kids. Must be adults. But how many adults read comic strips? More than I realize? How many adults want to read about cancer? Only those who are compelled to do so?

More than anything, this book was probably therapeutic for the author. Anyone riding the roller coaster of a family member's cancer needs an outlet. This is certainly a unique outlet.

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