Saturday, November 9, 2013

Glutino Gluten Free Bagel Chips - Parmesan and Garlic

Bagel Chips for Everyone

I have had to learn to look past pretzels and pita chips and bagel chips.

These all have been pushed in recent years as a healthy alternative to potato chips, presumably.

I look past all of them. I can't eat any of them. Not usually. Not the usual varieties.

And despite the intended health benefits of *not* eating potato chips, I can, in fact, usually eat baked potato chips. If I find some available. Any potato chips fried in shared vats of oil are still off limits for me. Of course, I never really know which potato chips come from shared vats of oil. I never know what else was fried in that same oil. Cross-contamination is a very real threat to me.

But back to pretzels and pita and bagels.

I can have these if they are gluten-free.

So, when I find gluten-free bagel chips, I want to try them. I don't find them very often. I don't get to try them very often.

This was one of those rare times that I got to try some gluten-free bagel chips.

Glutino Gluten Free Bagel Chips - Parmesan & Garlic

I was excited to open these. I was hopeful that they would be good. As bagel chips, I expected them to be crunchy.

But I was cautious. I've had some really bad-tasting gluten-free bagel chips in the past. Generally, gluten-free products have gotten better in recent years. But gluten-free bagel chips have been notoriously bad tasting. Either incredibly dry and bland, or worse, with a strong after taste.

Yuck. No bagel chip should ever be produced with a bad after taste.

Recalling these previous experiences, I was a bit hesitant, in spite of my excitement, to try these.

Brave, I would have to be.

Brave, I was.

Bravery paid off! I was not disappointed.

These were light and very crunchy, just as any bagel chips should be.  Score one!

These had no bad aftertaste. No aftertaste at all. Score two!

These had a very nice, tasty, flavorful, but not overwhelming parmesan and garlic seasoning. Flavor, but no furry coating of flavored-salty-mystery-powder. Score three!

These are everything bagel chips should be and they are gluten free. Light, crunchy, flavorful and gluten free!

Score! Go score some for yourself!

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